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Please check out Thomas Witherspoon’s (K4SWL) informative and wonderful blog that covers shortwave radio news, history, upcoming events, product reviews, and just about anything one would need to keep current in what is going on in the world of shortwave listening.

In particular, please navigate to June 20, 2014 to see a write-up that is based on some information I provided to him concerning Reginald Fessenden and the Christmas Eve broadcast (both in 1906 and the reenactment in 2013).  There you will find a discussion about my grandfather, Adam Stein, Jr., who was Fessenden’s chief engineer.

The following link will take you to Thomas’ blog.  Along the right-hand side, one can navigate to blog entries for specific categories and for a month-by-month sorting.


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A big thank you to Thomas for a providing the SWL community an excellent resource!