5 Band Worked All States

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I started in Dec 2012 to work on the ARRL 5-band WAS award. I went through old QSL cards and Logbook of the World confirmations. Out of the 250 band-states needed, I had confirmed 149 band-states.

Being in the winter season, I felt it was important to finish up the low bands (80m and 40m). On 80m, I had 21 states confirmed and on 40m I had 41 states confirmed. Both of those bands are now complete as all 50 states are now confirmed. On 20m, I had 43 states confirmed. That band has now been completed also.

The real challenge is going to be 15m and 10m. In Dec 2012, I had 18 confirmed on 15m and 26 confirmed on 10m. Band conditions have not been very good on 10m, but some progress has been made on 15m. Currently, I have 37 confirmed on 15m and 27 confirmed on 10m.

Most needed states over the last couple of months have been worked on JT65. 10m has had very few band openings for me.

Hopefully, as the spring and summer approach, 15m and 10m will open up and allow contacts to be made on these bands.