Memorial Day Weekend

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Oklahoma LOTW confirmation received. Still waiting for Missouri. So now, I have 249/250 states confirmed for 5-band Worked All States. One of these days (I hope), this award will be completed. During the past week the bands have been terrible. 10 meters seems to suffer the most, even though this time of year things are supposed to improve. This just doesn’t seem to be the case right now.


All States Now Worked

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I have finished up working all 50 states for the 5-band WAS award. I worked Delaware on 10m JT65 on Monday, May 13, 2013. Now just awaiting confirmations from Missouri and Oklahoma so that paperwork can be submitted to the ARRL.

In summary, when I got serious in obtaining this award on Dec 21, 2012, I had 149 of the 250 states worked and confirmed. It has been a challenge to get the last few on each band. However, 80m and 40m turned out to be the easiest to finish, while 10m turned out to be the most difficult.

So right now: 250/250 worked and 248/250 confirmed.



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Metolius River

It has been over a month since providing an update. Carolyn and I left on May 1 to go out to Oregon to see Andrew and his fiance Katie. We helped (or hindered) them in their move to their first house that they just bought. We also were able to do some sightseeing while there, going to Smith Rock State Park, Sisters, the headwaters of Metolius River that comes right out of the ground and then within a few feet is a wide and fast flowing river. and the fish hatchery nearby. What a beautiful spot. We also went to Prineville and saw the reservoir and damn there and the beautiful drive along Crooked River. Carolyn said she wants to move to Oregon one of these days. The drive from Portland was just spectacular, especially passing Mt. Hood, which had a lot of snow and ice on it. Just breathtaking. We returned to Virginia on May 7th.

Katie’s mom, Jackie was there also.  It was our first time to meet her.  She is a wonderful lady.  Andrew will have a wonderful Mother-in-Law after they get married on June 20th, in just over a month, at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

I have included a picture of Katie’s cat, Paisley.  What a cute cat.

On the 5-band WAS effort, I am now just down to working Delaware and South Carolina, and awaiting confirmations from Oklahoma and Missouri. All of this remaining effort is on 10 meters.  It would be nice to wrap this this up soon.