5 Band Worked All States – Completed

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Since I never received a confirmation from the Missouri station previously worked, it was time to find another one.  The last state (Missouri on 10m) was re-worked Thursday evening (a different station) and the Logbook of the World confirmation was received yesterday. The application has been completed and submitted to the ARRL online.

It is a relief to have completed this award. On December 21, 2012, I had 149 band-states confirmed. These were all worked with no consideration for a 5 band WAS award.  I know for a fact that when conditions were so good on the air back in the late 80s/early 90s, I would have had a lot more band-states confirmed.  An article in QST about some ham working on this award got me enthused to try to finish it.  Hunting down the last 101 band-states over the 5 bands has been a real challenge. So now 250 band-states are worked and confirmed.

What will be the next thing to chase? No awards for a long time. This has been too time consuming and makes one leery about being away and missing something needed. Just like the chase for DXCC Honor Roll from 25 years ago.

So time to get caught up on TV, other projects, reading, etc.

NJ3H 5-Band WAS Certificate